The following pieces of software have been developed in project SARAH. All of them are available for downloading.


The DA-GRS simulator is a tool for test and visualization of algorithms based on the DA-GRS model (Dynamicity-Aware Graph Relabeling Systems), a graph relabeling model adapted to mobility.
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DoDWAN (Document Dissemination in mobile Wireless Ad hoc Networks) is a Java-based middleware platform designed for supporting communication in disconnected MANETs. It leverages on the combined principles of opportunistic networking and delay-tolerant networking in order to account for the absence of end-to-end connectivity.
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GraphStream is a Java library that manages dynamic graphs. It is composed of an object oriented API that gives an easy and quick way to add edges and nodes in a graph and make them evolve.
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Madhoc is a discrete-time MANET simulator able to cope with disconnected MANETs as well as with the volatility of stations. It offers the possibility to implement new environments, new mobility schemes and new applications thanks to an API part of the software.
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